Super Peelers


We all have our favourite kitchen gadgets that we can’t do without. The two Swissmar peelers pictured above are perhaps the most useful and clever gadgets in my utility drawer.

Cheap and perfectly designed, these two do their respective jobs elegantly. The blades on both are razor sharp flexible steel that go through carrot and kiwi skins in heart beat. They both use a draw cut and depending on how they are held will easily go through odd shaped fruit and vegetable skins without awkward contortions. The plastic handles are light but solid, and the little eyeing tool cleans a spud in a snap.

Initially I thought the julienne blade was a bit of a gimmick, but I’ve come to rely on this this lightweight tool as a substitute for my beautiful but heavy and difficult to set up French mandolin cutter.

I picked both these units from a local kitchen supply store (Ming Wo’s), but you can order from many on-line retailers. Currently priced in the $5 range.

BTW They also sell a serrated blade version for soft skinned fruits that I would personally pass on–they cut as advertised, but are no better than the straight blade for that purpose.