Cookbooks – Hunting and gathering



My wife and I have a classic hunter-gatherer arrangement–she hunts and I gather.

My wife is an addicted second hand store shopper. Every week or two she comes home with a find that plays to my tastes, be it books on fly fishing, new kitchen appliances, interesting serving plates and of course cookbooks.

They’re not all keeprs, but I’m always surprised at some of the treasures she finds. Over the years I’ve received beautiful hardcover books such as Shizu Tsuji’s, Japanese Cooking A simple Art; some fairly obscure ones like Sandra Cook’s, Salt and Pepper: The Cookbook; and some downright retro ones like the Sunset Book’s, Mexican Cook Book: Simplified techniques 155 classic recipes. Whatever the subject, I’m always pleased to discover something new and useful to add to the collection.

It’s great having a partner that revels in the thrift store hunt. I’ll post more of her finds as time goes by–you’ll be surprised.