Recipe Index

I’ve been blogging for a little while now, and I came to realize that while most of my posts contain a recipe or two, there is no easy way to browse the recipes to find something that might work. I’ve created this page to help. See the condiments page for specific condiment recipes. Last updated: 2013-05-16.


Post Title Recipe Note
Curry In a Hurry Andhra Pradesh Chicken Marinated chicken curry (spicy)
Basic Lamb Curry Lamb Curry A basic tomato based curry
Saturday Dinner Lamb Leg Roast Dry roast leg of lamb (rare)
Every Day Japanese Miso Pork Linked recipe from Justbento blog
Moules et Frites Mussels in Cream Sauce Fresh mussels
Spanish Style Rice Spanish Rice Rice with sausages and peppers
Tamarind Fish Curry Tamarind Fish Curry Sour curry from southern India

Side Dishes

Post Title Recipe Note
Hot Tamales Oaxacan Black Beans Refried beans with bacon
Octo-dogs Octo-dogs A simple side dish to go in Bentos (boxed lunches)

Soups and Stocks

Post Title Recipe Note
Mirepoix Stock Base Mirepoix Classic French stock base
Moules et Frites Cream Sauce A mirepoix based seafood sauce
Sauce Romaine Sauce Romaine Classic sauce for wild game/lamb
Thai Style Fish Stock Thai Style Fish Stock Thai style stock for soups and curries


Post Title Recipe Note
Octo-dogs Squid-dogs Campfire version in notes

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